The county has a variety of different records available for genealogical research. The following list provides a summation of the records available by department:

County Clerk Records

The County Clerk is the primary record keeper in the County for many kinds of records, including birth and death records, marriage records, probate records (wills and estates), and real property records (deed and mortgage records).

The archives is in the process of digitizing some of the oldest County Clerk records. A list of available scanned county clerk records can be accessed here .

County Clerk records not digitized or held by the archives may be available at the County Clerk’s Office.

District Clerk Records

The District Clerk is the office of record for all proceedings heard in the District Courts. The District Courts serve as the court of original jurisdiction in all family law matters, felonies, and misdemeanors involving official misconduct, and as the court of appeal in probate matters. Genealogical records include family court records of divorce and adoption and naturalization records.

A summary of the records held by the District Clerk is below. More information on the District Clerk’s records can be found on the clerk’s website.

  • Divorce Records, 1840s-present
  • Adoption Records, 1943-present
  • Naturalization Records, 1890-1906
  • Court Records, 1840-present

The archives has digitized some of the District Clerk’s older naturalization records. A list of the digitized naturalization records can be found here.

Justice of the Peace Records

Justices of the Peace handle both civil and criminal cases, including small claims court, justice court, and administrative hearings. In Travis County, the records of the Justices of the Peace are maintained by the Travis County Archives.

  • Inquest Records, 1887-1977. Prior to the establishment of the Medical Examiner’s Office in 1977, Justices of the Peace performed inquests in the precincts in which they served. Inquest dockets and scattered inquest case papers from the late 1800s , early 1900s, and the early 1970s are maintained by the Travis County Archives.
  • Birth and Death Records, 1930s-1960s. A handful of birth and death records are maintained by Travis County Archives.

Available Justice of the Peace records can be found in our online repository

Tax Assessor-Collector Records

Historically, the Tax Assessor-Collector was responsible for making lists of taxable property in the county (both real and personal property) and assessing its value, and for receiving and collecting all taxes. After 1980, the duties of assessment were transferred to local appraisal districts, although the official remains the County’s Tax Collector.

A summary of the records held by the Tax Assessor-Collector is below. More information on the Tax Assessor-Collector’s records can be found on the the Tax Assessor-Collector’s website.

  • Tax Rolls, 1840-1995
  • Land Registers, 1877-1936
  • City Lot Registers, 1879-1974

The archives holds some of the older tax rolls and appraisal records for the county.

Records available can viewed here.