Travis County District Civil Courts have original jurisdiction in all divorce cases, cases involving title to land, election contest cases, and civil matters in which the amount of money or damages involved is $200 or more. Travis County Criminal District Courts preside over felony cases.

Court minutes are the record of courtroom proceedings, such as the start and recess of hearings and trials, names of attorneys, witnesses and rulings of the court, kept by the clerk of the court or the judge. Such court minutes are not a transcript of everything that is said, but contain valuable information for the researcher.

District Court minutes are recorded by the Travis County District Clerk, and date back to 1840. Prior to 1878, the minutes of civil and criminal cases were recorded in the same volumes, entitled Civil Minutes. After 1878, civil minutes and criminal minutes were recorded in separate volumes.

Travis County’s earliest District Court minutes are now available online on our Preservica site at More volumes are being added, so check back frequently for updates.

district clerk civil minutes

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