History Day 2016

Celebrating our Alumni

History Day 2016th Flyer

Our 9th annual History Day was held on October 28, 2016, in celebration of all former elected officials and employees! Commissioner Margaret J. Gomez served as master of ceremonies and County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir was the special speaker.

County government is an essential part of the Texas governmental system. Often referred to as the government “closest to the people,” county government delivers many critical services that sustain the quality of life for its citizens. Among its many duties are providing public safety and emergency services, maintaining county roads, administering health care services, presiding over criminal and civil courts, conducting elections, and preserving natural resources. County government is made up of the people who are elected to accomplish such tasks, and the employees who support them.

For over 175 years, the elected officials and employees of Travis County have been driving the county government’s role in the community and shaping our rich history. This History Day, Travis County took the opportunity to thank former elected officials and employees for their dedication to the citizens of Travis County and collectively recognize their contributions.

Timeline of County Offices

The timeline below shows the establishment date of county offices in chronological order. The timeline includes photos of some of the employees, elected officials, and places of each office.

Click on the timeline to see it in full scale.

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