Richard Moya Park

Richard Moya Park is located in eastern Travis County. The parkland was purchased in 1980 and given the temporary name of “The Precinct Four Park on Burleson Road.”  In 1986, it was renamed in honor of Richard Moya, Travis County Commissioner from 1970-1986 and the first Mexican-American elected to public office in Travis County. 

The wooded surroundings, bordered on the south by Onion Creek, provide an ideal locale for nature study, school outings and bird watching.  A historic bridge crosses Onion Creek in the park, at the location formerly known as Moore’s Crossing. The location was used as a low water crossing of Onion Creek as early as the 1840s. In 1915, three of six spans from the 1884 iron Congress Avenue Bridge, which had been put into storage in 1910, were used to construct the bridge at Moore’s Crossing. The bridge was washed away by a spring flood that year. The replacement bridge was made with concrete piers and the remaining three spans from the Congress Avenue Bridge and was completed in 1922.

When the park opened in 1980, the bridge was be closed to automobile traffic due to risk of structural failure, and the county turned it into a pedestrian bridge. The bridge was registered as a Historic Landmark in 1980 by the Texas Historical Commission and in 1994 received funds for its restoration.