Dink Pearson Park

Dink Pearson Park is a 3.6-acre park located near Lohman’s Crossing on Lake Travis in western Travis County. The land was donated to Travis County by the Pearson family in 1941, and it was eventually turned into a day use park named after Samuel “Dink” Pearson (b.1870 – d.1955). 

Lohman’s Crossing (also referred to as Lohman’s Ford) was once the location of a crossing over the Colorado River, connecting what is now Lakeway and Point Venture. Initially, a wagon trail bridged a narrow part of the river, connecting the north and south shores. In 1933, a concrete bridge was built to span the crossing; however, when the Mansfield Dam was built and began operations in 1941, the lake filled, covering the bridge.

Several decades later, a Point Venture developer sought to create an easier route between the lake communities. He purchased a sidelined ferry in Llano County, and had it disassembled and shipped to Dink Pearson Park. There it was reassembled, and the reconditioned ferry was christened in 1971, making it the only inland ferry in Texas. A 20-minute trip moved residents between Point Venture and the south shore. The enterprise was short lived, however; costs and unpredictable water and weather conditions forced the retirement of the ferry in 1973.